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Textile Day

Textile Day


  • - The Textile Day is celebrated every year on November 11 to commemorate the day when the textile industry became the
    first in Korea to record exports of 10 billion dollars on November 11, 1987, and to promote the continuous development
    of the textile industry.
  • - Another objective is to praise and reward those who have substantially contributed to the development of the textile
    industry and enhancement of national competitiveness by engaging in management innovation,increasing exports,
    and developing advanced technologies

Fair Overview

Plan on holding the 33th textile day event
Date and Time 17:00-18:00 on Monday November 11, 2019 Venue Third Event Hall of the Textile Center
Organized by Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) Sponsored by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE), 28 groups that are representatives of KOFOTI
Participants Approximately 500 officials(Officials from the government, financial sector, textile companies and
groups, National Assembly members, and awardees)
Event details National ceremony, conferment of awards, commemorative speech, speech of appreciation,
congratulatory speech, etc.
For question Contact the Management Support Team at 82-2-528-4007